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7. Lambagras, Iceland
4/25/2011 11:02:45 pm


How are you today?
We are fine in Iceland.
The weather has been fine but a little bit to cold.

From: Kópavogur

Ástrós Gabríela
4/26/2011 06:38:06 am


My name is Ástrós and im 13 years old. I live in Iceland. I want to have a penfriend and then we will send letters through msn if you have one :). I would like to have a penfriend at the age 11 to 13. :)

From: Ástrós

3/13/2012 07:59:16 pm

Hi Astros!

My name is James and i'm 13 but almost 14 years old. I would like to be your penfriend. I dont have a msn but I have skype, add me at james.1998 :) We can talk and talk and i'm also single and i'm very strong i'm always at the gym:) add me

3/27/2012 07:47:34 pm

Hello Astros arent you going to add me. I swear i'm sexy and you would love my abs, please comment if you are going to add me!!
What's you facebook,I wanna see you on skype, do you flash?

5/29/2011 08:51:26 pm

How are you?
We are fine in Greece!
The weather is good.
It's hot!!!

10/16/2012 03:49:42 pm

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